Yes, I travel up to 45 minutes from our birthing center if you are eligible after a history review and appropriate prenatal care.

Yes, water birth is an option in both home and birth center delivery. We also provide and offer you choices in your tub selection for an appropriate fee.

You are allowed and encouraged to bring comfort items and tools to help facilitate your desired delivery, such as: food, music, birth balls, flameless candles, essential oils, aromatherapy, and we encourage doula services. We also have a list of doulas we can provide.

From the first visit until 28 weeks, appointments are every 4-6 weeks. From 28-36 weeks we schedule every 2 weeks and then from 36 weeks until delivery we prefer to see you weekly. During each visit both mother and baby are evaluated to make sure they are healthy and continue to maintain eligibility for a safe out of hospital birth.

From consultation on we will review health history to determine if you meet eligibility. There are many health conditions which do not affect your eligibility for natural childbirth. We do, however, risk out chronic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, seizure disorders uncontrolled by meds, renal failure, certain heart conditions and preeclampsia.

Twelve years and up that are found to be eligible for home or birth center delivery.

Your midwife will discuss these instructions as your birth draws near.

We encourage you to have a primary support person and a doula, but we respect your culture and rights to make an informed decision of who should and will attend your birth.

We believe in and encourage doula services.

Yes and if you are planning on professional photography, please arrange a prior meeting with the midwife.

NO! We offer IV antibiotics if needed and only do an episiotomy if necessary.

We encourage mother and baby bonding from the moment of birth through your postpartum care. The baby will be placed on your chest immediately after birth allowing for direct skin to skin contact. We do not separate mother and baby unless medically necessary.

Delayed cord clamping is recommended as part of the standard of care in newborn resuscitation. We believe and practice waiting until it has completely stopped pulsing before clamping and cutting.

We do everything we can to prevent this from happening, but should it occur, we have available personnel to provide the appropriate service.

We follow the recommended perinatal transfer protocol established in our region and by the home birth summit.

NO, we do not offer vaccinations. However we do offer eye ointment and vitamin K. The decision to administer these are totally up to the parents of the newborn.

We file the required documents by DHEC Vital Records Office and Social Security Administration within days of delivery. They will come from the state to your mailing address within 60 days after delivery.

We offer full scope midwifery and women's healthcare services. Including GYN services, well woman contraceptive care, STI/STD testing, bloodwork, preconception counseling, family planning and menopausal care.

We offer most insurances. Please refer to full list here.